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Complete Barbell Set

By BootyBands


  1. Build lean muscle
  2. Keep burning calories
  3. Speed up metabolism
  4. See results faster
  5. Reverse effects of aging

Complete Barbell Set

By BootyBands



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What’s included:

  • 4 ft. Pure steel bar
  • 3 lb. Purple weight plates - Pair
  • 5 lb. Teal weight plates - Pair
  • 10 lb. Pink weight plates - Pair
  • Barbell clamps - Pair
  • Plate protectors (x6)

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The Advantages of Free Weights


Build lean muscle for a tight and toned physique


Keep burning calories long after your workout


Scientifically proven to speed up metabolism


See results faster in a shorter amount of time


Reverse the effects of aging

Physical Therapist Approved

“The biological and physiological benefits of this 4 foot bar are unlike anything out there. The 4 foot barbell design makes the weight more centered over our base in support of your shoulders, hips and knees. Thus you can have better control over the weight lessening accessory muscle use and the torque that can occur in the lower back.

By having better control of the weight, we can more effectively isolate targeted muscle groups and move them through their full ranges of motion. Now as women this is so important, not only because it helps prevent injury but it also allows us to achieve the tight toned and sculpted bodies that we are striving for.”

The Booty Wall of Fame

Complete Barbell Set
Other weight sets

The Complete Barbell Set is easier to start with, less expensive, and takes up far less space than standard Olympic weights - Making them the ideal choice for home use. With an Olympic weight set the bar alone weighs 35-45 lb. and is 7 ft. long and that’s not including the plates.

With this weight set - the bar is only 4 ft. long and only weighs X lb. You decide how much weight to move, allowing you to cater your workout to meet your specific needs throughout a variety of different exercises.

The Complete Barbell Set is designed with women in mind - fitting to your shoulders for squats and to your hips for hip thrusts. It’s the right size to get you sculpted, tight and toned.

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Made in USA

We chose to be uncompromising in our beliefs when we started BootyBands & Barbell. We sought to improve our local economies by manufacturing our products in the U.S. and provide jobs to those within our community. Because of this, we have sacrificed profits for our business to be a part of the solution for the US economy. Each time you purchase, spread the word and use our products, you are supporting small businesses, jobs and US manufacturers! Thank you!

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